Partner - manufacturer Dr. DÜNNER for Vivasan. The scenic Swiss canton of Schwyz is known in many countries. Here, in this beautiful place, since 1948, the famous Swiss manufacturer of liquid and tablet vitamin and mineral supplements and dietary herbal products the company Dr. DÜNNER is located. Combining the wisdom of folk recipes and unique production technology, the products are high quality and efficiency. Company Dr. DÜNNER is among the top-line sale leaders in more than 20 countries. Each step of production undergoes stringent quality control based on HACCP / GMP system

Product identity features:

  • careful handling of raw materials, providing maximum preservation of natural vitamins
  • product high digestibility
  • manufacturing process optimization (minimum sugar content)
  • high concentration composition
  • does not use chemical preservatives

Partner - manufacturer SWISSCAPS for Vivasan SWISSCAPS Company, founded in 1984 in a Swiss town Kirchberg, is a European leader in manufacture of tablets and encapsulated dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. An indisputable argument speaking in favor of the quality of products is that the capsules are made from potato starch instead of gelatin. This completely eliminates the possibility of contracting BSE (mad cow disease). SWISSCAPS products provide a balanced composition of high-value components needed to strengthen and restore health and wellbeing.

Partner - manufacturer INTRACOSMED for Vivasan. INTRACOSMED Company, founded in 1963, is located in the Swiss city Urnesh. The company manufactures medical cosmetic skin care. Herbs combined with the latest technologies allow providing our consumers with effective, natural and safe products. INTRACOSMED cosmetics provide both therapeutic and cosmetic effect, penetrating into the basal layers of the skin. Synthetic preservatives, which often cause allergic reactions and irritation, are not used during manufacuring.

Partner - manufacturer ELIXAN AROMATICA for Vivasan. Swiss company ELIXAN AROMATICA is a leading European manufacturer of essential oils and vitamin-mineral complexes. ELIXAN AROMATICA developed its own aromatic series, which includes basic essential oils of very high purity, without synthetic additives that have no side effects. The Company exists since 1990. Essential oils of ELIXAN AROMATICA Company are 100 % natural essential oils, the quality of which fully complies with pharmaceutical standards and international requirements of ISO-9001. It is the only company that certifies its essential oils. Public health authorities of Switzerland recommend using oils of this manufacturer.

Partner - manufacturer OSWALD for Vivasan. OSWALD Company was founded in 1951, in Shtaynhauzene, as a small family business. Over the years, the company became the biggest concern for the production of plant-based nutrition products. Thorough quality control of raw materials and manufactured products allow OSWALD to be the leading manufacturer of such products in Switzerland for many years.

Partner - manufacturer COSVAL for Vivasan. COSVAL Company is a leading manufacturer and market leader in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy for the production of ammonia-free hair dyes, which restore hair texture, hair shampoos, conditioners and innovative therapeutic anti-aging cosmetics. COSVAL products are known in Europe under the brand names SanoTint, Migliorin and Locherber. Production technology is based on the latest achievements of science, allowing preserving all the healing properties of plants in products of daily use.